Wings of Malice

Progress: first draft stage
Book One: 53,522
Book Two: 37,830
Book Three: 21,094
Total word count: 112,446


“The battle in heaven began as Satan gazed upon his love, his beauty, Lilith.”

After the fall, after losing the thrones of heaven and hell in the great war, God has found his strength, he has built an army, and he wants revenge. Condemning the travesty that is Satan and Lilith’s affair — the reason for his fall — he has set his eyes on both them and their daughter, the abomination, Adara.

Now was the dawning of the Second Age.

“The abomination will fall to the blade of her love.”

In an alternate version of Earth, a small army of angels are fighting to stop God and the Crusaders from taking heaven back. A mission and a long-lost prophecy are what stands between Adara finding salvation for not only herself, but for the Others; the winged ones. It is up to her to find the key to destroying God’s army, and to bring peace back to the world.

“Matters of good and evil are never so simple.”

Prepare to see the world through the eyes of the forgotten, the Others, the ones we call the enemy.

Will the prophecy be fulfilled?

Genre: Young adult fantasy

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