The kiss, a caress, of happiness for a while

Blue Fringe Arts 2017

Published in the 2017 Blue Fringe Arts 25th Anniversary Short Story and Poetry Anthology. The kiss, a caress, of happiness for a while Sometimes, when at first light a euphoria seizes and it pleases, if only it would last until the night. For I remember the smile and therein a moment's bliss then the kiss, a caress, of … Continue reading The kiss, a caress, of happiness for a while


And love was stolen

And love was stolen by a fool, by a coward Stole her from me But willing, she left Tainted, and the shadow fell A cloak, and took all forgiveness stole her dreams stole her happiness But forbade her, I never to be with him and to humiliate To be mine, until The day All donned in white A mockery, a … Continue reading And love was stolen

She speaks to angels

This is a work in progress. She: Breaking through these hardships though I'd never looked up from the roses when the darkness reached the silence and the sorrow in his eyes I was lost and lonely and so cold in there Forgotten beneath the stars I took all of his love And fought it through the night Embracing all of … Continue reading She speaks to angels

A grave fortune

A grave fortune Lusted by the lonesome And given to the unworthy A chance to dream While death lingers Lost in searching for those Vagrant hearts Tortured by the world © 2009

left in sadness

left in sadness a shadow lurks in my mind with raging torrents welling in my eyes and the despair caged in my heart with no beacon to guide me from the shadows of my mind the sadness is stained © 2010

Fire’s kiss – original

There is nothing more soothing than a fire's kiss, scarring an eternity of love upon a lonely soul. That was my lust; my desire. I envisioned my heart staining another's, redeeming myself from all the melancholy in my life; owing myself affection after the torment which consumed my mind. But that was not to be. … Continue reading Fire’s kiss – original

Conquering a fading embrace

Conquering a fading embrace Earthing, and dispelling all venom And yet still deprived of serenity. Frozen and grotesque, the greed overwhelms. No peace Never found Condemned to wander; A mournful dance; A labyrinth of thistles. But ever-defiant the heart does not falter Longing for peace It knows will not come. © 2016