Eleanor – done and dusted-ish

TeamBeta has finished going through Eleanor, and I've received very positive comments! Yay! My beta team did an absolutely amazing job of going through Eleanor. I had no idea the amount of typos still left in the manuscript. It's quite embarrassing actually, but since I've read it so many times, I have been left blind … Continue reading Eleanor – done and dusted-ish


Limbo and finding comp titles

Taking this "relaxing" week off (after finishing up Eleanor) is just not happening. I'm feeling a little empty not working those 14-18 hour days. So, I've been considering starting a new project, but I know I should stay Eleanor-focused. It will need more work, I know that. It's just this bloody break. What should I … Continue reading Limbo and finding comp titles

Eleanor – You’re done!

Oh my god! Eleanor is DONE!!! I can't believe it. 412 pages edited in 4 weeks! Boo yah!   Maybe I should have posted a picture of a 'The End'? Meh. Hang on... There we go šŸ˜› It's quite surreal. I never truly thought this day would come. I'm so used to self-sabotage that I … Continue reading Eleanor – You’re done!

Eleanor update – end sort of still in sight

These last two weeks have been so stressful. See, I have a terrible habit of setting myself impossible deadlines. I said to myself, "Self," I said, "You can edit 400 pages in 4 weeks, easily!" And hey, I probably could have reached my weekly deadlines, if it weren't for things getting in the way, such … Continue reading Eleanor update – end sort of still in sight

Eleanor update – end in sight

I am a quarter way through my final round of edits. And this time, I mean final! Eleanor has come such a long way in only 6 months. From a small seedling, an idea of a female surgeon in 19thC London (originally titled, A Victorian Surgeon), to novella (after reaching 50,000 words duringĀ National Novel Writing … Continue reading Eleanor update – end in sight

Eleanor update – alphas, betas, publishers

Eleanor is now in the hands of its first reader, and I must say, I am beyond scared has just gone through its first reader, and I am both excited and anxious to go over their notes! (Now entering deciphering mode) I now have a lot of ideasĀ on how to change up the story a … Continue reading Eleanor update – alphas, betas, publishers

Drastic changes to Eleanor, beta readers, and bastard USB sticks!

BREAKING NEWS: I just absolutely hate USB sticks! Well, this particular one that I had been relying on so heavily. It decided it would corrupt itself, or allow itself to be corrupted or, much like The Marquis de Sade's Justine, its virtuous nature was corrupted by external forces. I lost roughly 80% of my files, … Continue reading Drastic changes to Eleanor, beta readers, and bastard USB sticks!