Saga of the Sinner

Progress: first draft stage
Word count: 60,000 approx.

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Saga of the Sinner, by Cadence

“It seems infinitely better to take one’s place among the wicked, who prosper, than among the virtuous, who perish.”
– Donatien Alphonse François,
Marquis de Sade

1779 — the Marquis de Sade, a defiler of virtue, enemy to the King, and literary master, lies in his prison cell in Vincennes, France.

After falling victim to vindictive creatures set on seeing him languishing, set on bleeding from him his very last coin, and set on tainting his name, the dear Marquis (your humble narrator) counts the days until freedom is granted to him.

His best years wasting away, he is left with naught but his memories and a passion for flesh unsated.

His crime, you ask? Why, his desire. And yet, it is nothing short of that of modern France, for Her people are just as sexually devious.

This is the saga of the sinner — the crimes against the Marquis de Sade.

Saga of the Sinner, by Cadence teaser

Genre: Historical Fiction

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