Eleanor by Cadence

Progress: completed, seeking representation/publication
Word count: 88,000 approx.

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She will do anything for her dream, even if it means losing herself…

Eleanor by Cadence

Eleanor Clarendon-Addams is no stranger to the macabre. In late Victorian London, the centre of the scientific boon, she finds herself consumed by a passion for human anatomy. And after the death of her father, a revered anatomy professor, her ambition only intensified. In her despair, she sees only one path, she desires only one thing: to become an anatomist like her father, to enter where the female body is barred. But as she is confronted by the societal strangleholds of her sex, she finds the path to her dream laden with thorns. Her dream is declared unbecoming, unfeminine.

When Eleanor is banned from her father’s university by the newly-appointed professor, Dr. Hollioake, she is left with a numb emptiness, and a longing she must now silence. Her dream is dying.

Just when all seems lost, like-minded student Henry comes along and brings Eleanor from the precipice. He helps her find her way once again, and all reason and rationality that had begun nesting in her mind vanish. A love begins.

And yet, Eleanor is soon convinced not even Henry can guide her through the thorns.

Amidst the pressure of nineteenth-century society, and failed by her own sex, Eleanor’s dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Caught between a world of body snatching and scandalous societies, her sister’s fall from grace, and a love she feels unworthy of, Eleanor verges on the brink of madness.

So blinded by her passion and removed of any logic, she risks her sanity and soul to keep her father’s memory alive, but soon discovers that to reach her dream she could lose so much more.

How far will Eleanor go to reach her dream?

Genre: Historical Fiction

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