Eleanor by Cadence

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Word count: 88,000 approx.


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She will do anything for her dream, even if it means losing herself…

Eleanor by CadenceSet in nineteenth-century London, Eleanor is the story of a young woman who desires only one thing: to memorialise her late father by continuing his life’s work in the field of human anatomy. When she is denied access to her father’s university for being a woman, her dream of becoming a revered anatomist like her father falls apart. She is left with a numbness, and a longing she now must silence.

When all seems lost, like-minded student Henry comes along and brings Eleanor back from the precipice. The two form a close bond, and ignite a shared passion within each other. He helps her find her way once again, and all reason and rationality that may have begun nesting in her mind is lost. A love begins. A love built on the macabre.

In this dark world of body snatching and scandalous societies, a world where Eleanor is forbidden from entering, she is left with no alternative. Verging on the brink of insanity, yet determined not to give up her dream, she must make a choice.

But will her choice destroy her love… and herself?

Genre: Victorian Historical Fiction

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