Productive procrastination

As you know, I've been feeling pretty down since National Novel Writing Month ended, but recently I started placing all my energy and focus into my fantasy series, Wings of Malice. It's been a wonderful distraction from Saga of the Sinner, which is quite a demanding project. That's not to say that Wings of Malice … Continue reading Productive procrastination


Wings of Malice series

Yes, you read right. Wings of Malice will now be a series. Let's first be clear... I'm referring to 'series' in the literary world, not televisual. But, possibly in the future that could still happen. Whom knows? Originally, I had intended to write a standalone fantasy novel, with the possibility of creating two or three … Continue reading Wings of Malice series

Eleanor – Comps, cover letters, and courses

It's getting to that stage where I will have to abandon my 'noobness' and start immersing myself fully into the world of post writing... stuff. For Eleanor's sake. This will include building a platform (well, more so than I have), writing cover letters, reading comps, submitting to an editor, submitting to publishers, and I'm sure … Continue reading Eleanor – Comps, cover letters, and courses

Wings of Malice, comps, and Sade

Okay, so I've abandoned any and all attempts at having a break, because it's just not working. Instead, I'm placing all my thoughts, effort, and time into continuing my work on Wings of Malice, a young adult fantasy novel. I left Wings of Malice about a year ago after hitting a wall, but also, more … Continue reading Wings of Malice, comps, and Sade

Born of hallowed love – a work in progress

Born of hallowed love. Tainted and fated by prophecy; a higher purpose she wished to be unburdened by. Cursed blood. The key to salvation, in death only. Cursed with age. The envy of her immortal brethren. Unwilling to continue a sacrifice, to fight to die for another's cause and never her own. She leads her … Continue reading Born of hallowed love – a work in progress

Going slow…

... but getting there. Just hit 80,000 words!!! recently (for novel number two, Wings of Malice), but the end feels so very far away. High fives for now though 🙂 I'm aiming for 120,000 words (but that's not set in stone. Anywhere between 80k and 120k is perfect), and although I'm still technically on the first draft, … Continue reading Going slow…