And Cinderella, poisoned

And Cinderella, poisoned, in Salem dwells a fevered hell where the fire, stoked, and the final knell ends not the spell. But the fairy tale no longer tells of the broken, burning shell A charming love for her, forgotten an end to his passionate swell so into sorrow, she fell All this, she foretells © … Continue reading And Cinderella, poisoned


And love was stolen

And love was stolen by a fool, by a coward Stole her from me But willing, she left Tainted, and the shadow fell A cloak, and took all forgiveness stole her dreams stole her happiness But forbade her, I never to be with him and to humiliate To be mine, until The day All donned in white A mockery, a … Continue reading And love was stolen

She speaks to angels

This is a work in progress. She: Breaking through these hardships though I'd never looked up from the roses when the darkness reached the silence and the sorrow in his eyes I was lost and lonely and so cold in there Forgotten beneath the stars I took all of his love And fought it through the night Embracing all of … Continue reading She speaks to angels

The crossroads – in the afterlife

Stirring, and whispers within a burning Desire summons, therein, so brewing for death The lost, lie as prey while the lonely stray though walking in the light; the crimson deep her sight and death to befall them so it is foretold Enticing and delighting, yet defies The mark withers from her reach Desire anew for … Continue reading The crossroads – in the afterlife

Beneath the crossroads

And when from the grave, the birth of everlasting, the sorrow is no longer Gentle mists of alabaster embrace and caress life anew For to come undone, no longer Transcending the forgotten, the spires of dread that nest within, now, light all but withers Though sugar-wisps strain, striate and a tear though happily Dead among beneath the crossroads © … Continue reading Beneath the crossroads

The crossroads – becoming

Wandering, and the reaper sings vengeance A dream so desired A sacrifice in which to bury the poison and violent deeds Becoming Alone, suffering Withering and waiting for the soul to depart the cold earth to swallow Deprived so long of being Love, no longer Loved, no longer Becoming The calling where the blood has spilled and shall spill no … Continue reading The crossroads – becoming

Atop the crossroads

Atop the crossroads and among the humming stars, where the ticking clock casts fate Peace from grotesque memories, where the shadows are drawn near, and wavering light of hope refuses to dawn Sin ever-inviting in the empty sorrow The words lingering and stained for the unmolested steel lured to the flesh © 2016