The kiss, a caress, of happiness for a while

Blue Fringe Arts 2017

Published in the 2017 Blue Fringe Arts 25th Anniversary Short Story and Poetry Anthology. The kiss, a caress, of happiness for a while Sometimes, when at first light a euphoria seizes and it pleases, if only it would last until the night. For I remember the smile and therein a moment's bliss then the kiss, a caress, of … Continue reading The kiss, a caress, of happiness for a while


Born of hallowed love – a work in progress

Born of hallowed love. Tainted and fated by prophecy; a higher purpose she wished to be unburdened by. Cursed blood. The key to salvation, in death only. Cursed with age. The envy of her immortal brethren. Unwilling to continue a sacrifice, to fight to die for another's cause and never her own. She leads her … Continue reading Born of hallowed love – a work in progress

And in lost sanity, she found

Want to read more of my Alice in Wonderland series? Check out Down the rabbit hole And in lost sanity, she found, where madness consumed, locked doors to greet her. Yet, no passage through for her broken body; she drags her legs, deformed. Scented shadows left behind, soothing, but overwhelming, and intangible fields of sorrow beckon … Continue reading And in lost sanity, she found

Snow White

No chalice spilled yet poison coloured her cheeks The flesh within, tainted Rosy shell bleeding the toxins at her bite © 2017 Want to read more dark fairy tales? Read my Cinderella poem, And Cinderella, poisoned Check out my Alice in Wonderland series

Down the rabbit hole

Crystalline thorns of alice-blue pierce and break from within the spiral. Tearing flesh in the fall. Sent shivering. Crawling, and trails scarlet-stained. To her feet, impossible and dragging her body through. Curiosity and wonderment; punished, for her sin. Then colours fade to muted greys Whispers striating; enveloping, surrounding monotonous and cruel. Yet she breaks through. … Continue reading Down the rabbit hole

Virtue cries – work in progress

You all know my love for The Marquis de Sade or, rather, studying his life. Every now and then I like to work on a creative piece. This is a piece I was working on last year, and just completely forgot about. I was to submit it for Blue Fringe Arts, but didn't finish it … Continue reading Virtue cries – work in progress

An Ode to Bipolar

Blue Fringe Arts 2016

Published in the 2016 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology: Speak Out An Ode to Bipolar Into sadness, a sometimes forgotten spell. Feverish, fetish, devouring all. Yet when deprived, a fondness; so yearning and lachrymose. Of tears, weeping the flower of being. And necromancy, an embrace; a plea for answers, but soft and … Continue reading An Ode to Bipolar