And in lost sanity, she found

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And in lost sanity, she found,
where madness consumed,
locked doors to greet her.
Yet, no passage through for
her broken body;
she drags her legs, deformed.

Scented shadows left behind,
soothing, but overwhelming,
and intangible fields of sorrow
beckon her to chasms, a garden;
lamentable deceit.

Unreal, all imagined, and yet
with bloodied legs to carry her
freedom, still so far.

Guided by her heart,
led astray by the voices,
hopeless all, as her life flows.
Every second, her death awaits.

Base sin, calling to her
as she withers,
as she withers.

© 2017

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Snow White

No chalice spilled
yet poison coloured her cheeks
The flesh within, tainted
Rosy shell bleeding the toxins at her bite

© 2017

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Down the rabbit hole

Crystalline thorns of alice-blue
pierce and break
from within the spiral.
Tearing flesh
in the fall.
Sent shivering.
Crawling, and trails

To her feet, impossible
and dragging her body through.
Curiosity and wonderment;
punished, for her sin.

Then colours fade
to muted greys

Whispers striating;
enveloping, surrounding
monotonous and cruel.
Yet she breaks through.

Her path, she leaves behind bloodied

And cries of awe,
through the searing pain,
before opiate-essence, dark
and where mad delusions follow.

© 2017

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Virtue cries – work in progress

You all know my love for The Marquis de Sade or, rather, studying his life. Every now and then I like to work on a creative piece. This is a piece I was working on last year, and just completely forgot about. I was to submit it for Blue Fringe Arts, but didn’t finish it in time.

Since completing my honours dissertation: “Sade and the death of the virtuous woman: The construction of virtue in Justine“, I have been contemplating undergoing a PhD. I know I want to focus on Sade, once again, the problem is that I cannot decide on whether to write another dissertation, or do a creative piece instead.

Maybe you can help me decide?

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Stolen away at just fourteen years
Reduced to nothing and left in tears
With chastity cherished, her fate is sealed

Her virtue cries and weakens to vice
For her conviction, it is her price.
Defying chaos, defying Nature
Justine soon falls, poor innocent creature.
Unwelcome, this is not her own world
She lies lost, lonely little girl.
But she falls to her own grotesque sin
of growing pride, her vain delight in
purity fair, chastity true
They are taken; as blood from rue

Alas! we find her faith runs deeper
Even when placed with soulless preachers

Her searing flesh beneath the brand
And bones cracking under their hand.

© 2016

An Ode to Bipolar

Published in the 2016 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology: Speak Out

An Ode to Bipolar

Into sadness,
a sometimes forgotten spell.
Feverish, fetish, devouring all.
Yet when deprived,
a fondness; so yearning
and lachrymose.
Of tears, weeping
the flower
of being.
And necromancy,
an embrace;
a plea for answers,
but soft and deafening
the shadowed face.

Perpetual madness,
a labyrinth of decaying
thought and nameless love,
where spectres dance, and ravage,
and sentence the mind
to answer.

But the hummingbird,
the sublime,
the beauty within.
Does it linger? Why does it so?
The love foretold,
and wisteria singing.
Creepers entangling,
strangling no more.
And leaden drops no longer
fill the lands with despair.

© 2016

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And Cinderella, poisoned

And Cinderella, poisoned,
in Salem dwells
a fevered hell
where the fire, stoked,
and the final knell
ends not the spell.
But the fairy tale
no longer tells
of the broken, burning shell
A charming love for her, forgotten
an end to his passionate swell
so into sorrow, she fell
All this, she foretells

© 2016

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And love was stolen

And love was stolen
by a fool, by a coward
Stole her from me
But willing, she left

Tainted, and the shadow fell
A cloak, and took all forgiveness
stole her dreams
stole her happiness

But forbade her, I
never to be with him
and to humiliate
To be mine, until

The day
All donned in white
A mockery, a sin
To make them see

And in that hour
I buried within my heart
the dagger of her betrayal
to let them all see

And yet they could not
The horror
The heart
and no sorrow

Banished, disowned
and I became
a victim of my own desire
for vengeance

To the drink, to the faery
as dread stole me,
and slowly, the seed of wrath
grew and bloomed

And taken, I found the being
Loath to leave myself behind
but a creature foul, I became
and took his life, her love

Took his life
to bring her misery
one last time, for my heart
never healed and peace never found

© 2016