Have you entered my giveaway?

Wait, what’s this giveaway?
Dudes, seriously? I’ll break it down for you very quickly.

  • 7 x books (paperback and hardcover)
  • 2 of these books are Penguin clothbound classics! (I don’t even own these editions!)
  • Total value = $150!
  • Do you want them? Enter the giveaway!

What?! How do I enter?

  1. Like and follow my Facebook page
  2. Like one of my giveaway teaser posts (doesn’t matter which one. I just need to know who’s entering)
  3. (Optional) For an extra chance, be the first to comment the name of the book pictured (or from the clue).
  4. (Optional) Tag a friend who likes reading.

Be sure to complete both 1 and 2 for your entry to count! — I can’t stress this enough, guys. So many of you aren’t following the rules. There are only two! If you don’t follow these two very simple rules, your entry will not be eligible.

And, as I’ve said, if you want an extra chance at getting your hands on this collection of 7 books worth $150, then you have to be the first to name the book from my clues. There are still 6 is still 1 book which has not been named! Come on, guys! I know some of the clues are tricky, but you can work them out. I believe in you!

I’ll even make it easy for you. I won’t make you wade through all my Facebook posts to find those teasers. Books The book from…

  1. Teaser #3
  2. Teaser #5
  3. Teaser #7
  4. Teaser #10
  5. Teaser #11
  6. Teaser #12
  7. Teaser #13

have has not been named. Just click on the link above, be the first to name the book, and yay!

Wow! Since I started writing this post, so many of you have been able to identify these books! Awesome work!

There are still more teasers to come, which means more chances!

So, what’s in the bundle?
I know everyone has been up-in-arms about this. “What’s in this damn collection?” I’ve heard you ask with fury welling in your eyes. “It’s okay,” I respond. “Please put down the pitchfork. I’ll tell you.”

A few of the books have been identified, so I can share them with you now. I haven’t even revealed this to my Facebook fans, so consider yourselves lucky! They may have guessed, but I haven’t told them whether they were correct or not.

Giveaway teasers


  1. (Top left) Rebel Heiress, by Fiona Mountain
  2. (Top right) Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë
  3. (Middle left) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K. Rowling
  4. (Middle right) Tess of the d’Ubervilles, by Thomas Hardy
  5. (Bottom) Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier

Congratulations to those who were the first to name the books. You’ll have an extra chance in the giveaway.

This giveaway is open worldwide. It ends 30.09.17 11.59pm AEST, and that one lucky fan will be named 07.10.17.


What’s been happening?

First off, I know you’ve all been excited about my giveaway. If you’ve been following my facebook page, you would have seen my teaser posts. Each teaser post reveals a clue about an item in the giveaway book bundle.

Teaser #4 has been the most popular so far.

Quite a few of you managed to identify the book. So well done! If you were the first to do so, you will receive an extra chance at taking home this amazing collection of books (not literally. If you win, I’ll post the books out to you, obviously). There are 7 books in total, including 2 x Penguin clothbound classics! This book bundle is valued at $150, so I know you’ll want to get your hands on it!

Keep an eye out for the teaser posts. You’ll have more chances to name the books.

But, PLEASE read the rules. So many people have only completed one part of the rules. They will not be eligible, I’m afraid. There are only 2 rules:

  1. Like and follow my page
  2. Like the post

And that means ANY of the posts relating to the giveaway. It could be Teaser #1 or Teaser #10. As long as you like one of them, AND like the page.

And, there are two other optional steps, which are:

  1. (Optional) For an extra chance, be the first to comment the name of the book pictured (or comment the name from the clue — a quote, or other).
  2. (Optional) Tag a friend who likes reading.

That’s it!

There are a few books in my teaser posts that have not been identified… yet! Hop on over to my page. Look for the teaser posts, and see if you can name the books!

So far, I have posted these teaser pictures. Can you name them?

Giveaway teasers

This giveaway is open worldwide. It ends 30.09.17 11.59pm AEST, and that one lucky fan will be named 07.10.17.

Eleanor by Cadence


Okay, now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to have a look at Eleanor. So what’s going on with Eleanor? As you know, my manuscript has come back from the editor. I’ve received mostly positive feedback, but there are some areas of concern I’ll need to address. So far, I’ve gone over most of the issues. There are a couple of things I’ll need to be more attentive to. My heroine, Eleanor, needs the most work at this stage. My editor really liked Mr Ashwood (Henry), Gaston, and Vivienne, which I am thrilled about — particularly her liking Henry, who I was most concerned about. Despite my readings and research, I have still not been very confident writing male characters, especially someone like Henry, who is the love interest of Eleanor.

“That’s not a good sign”, you must think, considering I am focusing this coming National Novel Writing Month on writing a book from the perspective of the Marquis de Sade. He isn’t too hard to get into the mind of though, as I have been researching him and his works for a number of years now. It’s simply a matter of conveying it, in the right way.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked, as always.

Once I make all the changes, I will begin pitching to agents. As you know, I have a few in mind. I won’t name them at this stage, though I will keep you guys up to date whenever I have news.

And, because I’m feeling generous, here’s a little teaser taste of Eleanor.

Eleanor by Cadence teaser

Off topic

Also, did anyone watch the Matildas beat Brazil last week? It was a fantastic match! With a sellout crowd, this alone should encourage the networks to broadcast more women’s sports. Lisa De Vanna and Sam Kerr were amazing. Watching Kerr’s style and determination throughout the match, I could see that it was only inevitable she would score. Well done to the ladies, and I’m excited to see another match soon!

Anyway, I might leave it there this week. Knowing me, I’ll get distracted again, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some important news I was supposed to give you. Oh well!


1,000 likes #sharingiscaring giveaway!

So, what’s this giveaway I’ve been harping on about?
In celebration of reaching 1,000 likes on my Facebook page, and in thanks to the #sharingiscaring initiative, I have an amazing book bundle to give away to one lucky Facebook fan!

There are 7 books in this collection, including 2 x Penguin clothbound classics (Paperback and hardcovers, NOT ebooks!) Total value of giveaway bundle is approx. $150!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting up teasers and clues as to what books can be found in this collection. (Hint! Included are some of my all-time favourite books, and books which have inspired me.)

And, if you are the first to correctly guess which book I’m referencing (on my teaser posts), I’ll give you another chance in picking up this awesome AF bundle!

Your first clue: The heroine is a pure woman faithfully presented.

You can ONLY enter this giveaway through my Facebook page, so jump over to my page now to find out how you can be that one lucky person who receives this mega-effing awesome, utterly mind-blowing bundle of books.

Keep your eyes peeled, and be sure to follow my Facebook posts for more clues, teasers, and chances. (Some of these clues will be pretty tricky though!)

Giveaway ends 30.09.17 11.59pm AEST. See my Facebook page for more information and rules to enter.