And in lost sanity, she found

Want to read more of my Alice in Wonderland series? Check out Down the rabbit hole And in lost sanity, she found, where madness consumed, locked doors to greet her. Yet, no passage through for her broken body; she drags her legs, deformed. Scented shadows left behind, soothing, but overwhelming, and intangible fields of sorrow beckon … Continue reading And in lost sanity, she found


Snow White

No chalice spilled yet poison coloured her cheeks The flesh within, tainted Rosy shell bleeding the toxins at her bite © 2017 Want to read more dark fairy tales? Read my Cinderella poem, And Cinderella, poisoned Check out my Alice in Wonderland series

Down the rabbit hole

Crystalline thorns of alice-blue pierce and break from within the spiral. Tearing flesh in the fall. Sent shivering. Crawling, and trails scarlet-stained. To her feet, impossible and dragging her body through. Curiosity and wonderment; punished, for her sin. Then colours fade to muted greys Whispers striating; enveloping, surrounding monotonous and cruel. Yet she breaks through. … Continue reading Down the rabbit hole

And Cinderella, poisoned

And Cinderella, poisoned, in Salem dwells a fevered hell where the fire, stoked, and the final knell ends not the spell. But the fairy tale no longer tells of the broken, burning shell A charming love for her, forgotten an end to his passionate swell so into sorrow, she fell All this, she foretells © … Continue reading And Cinderella, poisoned