The Succubus

Within her soul Indeed I saw the beast. I saw her heart, her flesh, her desire. She wanted him, my Beloved. It was not love, but lust. And torture upon me. He would not atone for he knew nothing of this affair. © 2013



Taken from my university assessment portfolio. Want to read more about the Strigoaicǎ? Read the short story, The Strigoaicǎ - Published in the 2014 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology. Read the short story, Tale of the Strigoaicǎ  Part I Her smile radiated the wood and touched me deep within but I sensed a coldness in her. She … Continue reading Strigoaicǎ

The Beloved

Short story university assessment A travesty preys on me. Autumn misery. At midnight, an unsightly hour, my Love is running to me from the cobblestone streets in London’s misery. I meet her at our doorway and see her tears falling, cascading down her cheeks. Naturally I take her in my arms and try to comfort … Continue reading The Beloved

A travesty

A travesty Preys on my door Unseen, it evokes The purest of evils Curiosity persuades my fear The door is opened Gusts of wind assault My frail skin Blood-scorched screams Penetrate me There is no longer any Beauty here in this World A flaming bottle A flare of light paints The sky then retires in … Continue reading A travesty