A Travesty

Progress: second draft stage
Word count: 76,278


There is more to the world than what we know, what we see.

“Into those long winter nights I prayed that he would be safe. I closed my eyes and saw the fear welling in his eyes. I will find him.

In nineteenth century Romania, a young woman goes in search of her lost love, her Beloved, after receiving an omen that he is to die. Along the way, she discovers a dark world full of fantastical creatures, love and loss. All the while, she faces her inner daemons, caused by growing paranoia and fear, leaving her to question her own sanity.

She does not know why her Beloved has gone, nor where. All she knows is that she needs to find him, to save him.

Prepare to lose yourself in this unsettling world; a lyrical, poetical, terrifyingly beautiful world of danger, excitement and passion, inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno.

Genre: Young adult Romantic/Gothic

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