New job, new life

Things are starting to settle now. Though I haven’t quite finished moving (there is still a lot of stuff at the old house), and though I haven’t quite finished unpacking (there are boxes everywhere), I’m beginning to fall into the rhythm of my new life in this country town.

You’ll never guess my new profession — I’m a journalist!

It’s been nice, but scary, overwhelming, and frustrating all at once too.

I haven’t had time for my own writing, nor even reading, which is killing me to be honest (I can’t stand not writing and I’m so far behind in my reading — I’m so close to finishing my book too, which is even more frustrating!)

As you know, I had to abandon my attempt at Camp NaNoWriMo, which of course was painful as well. I only hit around 4,400 words in the end. Well, ‘the end’ was day 5.

Though, some good news is that I recently entered my historical fiction, Eleanor, into The Australian/Vogel Award with Allen and Unwin. Fingers crossed. If I somehow manage to get long-listed, then oh my god!

And, I’m still looking out for representation. I’ll have to hit the Australian Writer’s Marketplace again to find out where to submit next, otherwise I’ll check out which of my current list is actually open now. Sigh.

It’s true, this is the hardest bit — not the writing.

Next week, I’ll be heading back to Sydney to attempt part 3 of my moving process. Hopefully I’ll soon be 100% settled in before the month is over.


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