Wings of Malice – research

This week I have been focusing on research for Wings of Malice, and looking at angels in particular; what they are, religious interpretations, their hierarchy, and so on.

And, in my readings I’ve come to realise there is more research to be done for my series. At least to refine my story, plot, and the theories I express throughout. And, though the novel is technically blasphemous, or, I imagine it would be because I am writing a fantasy novel challenging Biblical themes, I know that I will still need to examine theology (in particular, the Abrahamic faiths and their representations of angels and so forth) to develop my blasphemy further 😉

Here come the pitchforks and flaming torches, sigh.

I’m sorry, but I’ve had this novel wriggling around in my head since like 2012, so I need to get it out and get it published… finally.

I already know I’m going to hell though, so it’s all good.

So, I’ve just finished reading through Richard Webster’s book, Angels for Beginners. It has certainly given me a lot of ideas to work from, and that much-needed motivation which I am currently lacking. Yep, things are slowing down considerably so I really need to work on motivating myself, even if I’m researching right now instead of writing.

I currently have a small collection of books I use for research, such as The Art and Craft of Writing Christian Fiction: The Complete Guide to Finding Your Story, Honing Your Skills, & Glorifying God in Your Novel by Jeff Gerke, The Devil and All His Works by Dennis Wheatley, Paradise Lost by John Milton, The Devil by Philip C. Almond, The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, just to name a few. Yet, I need more.

Can you recommend some books for my research?

I suppose the obvious one missing from my list is the Bible — I probably should consider getting myself a copy. I am also looking at getting copies of Webster’s other works which may prove useful.

Just a short blog post for now. Going to start fresh and get back into writing this week… fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “Wings of Malice – research

  1. I would definitely have to suggest the Bible. Can I ask, are you intentionally trying to stir the pot or simply think that you will in your book? You seem clear on identifying it as fantasy so it seems sensible that you portray your angels however you want to 🙂


    1. It’s not my intention, but I know it will upset people. For instance, the story begins with the fall of God, rather than Satan. This leads to a war, and God is depicted as ‘the bad guy’ because it is written from the perspective of Satan’s angels. I feel I need to constantly remind my followers of this plot/story because I don’t want any confusion about what kind of book it is. So, I will occasionally mention my going to hell, or about how blasphemous I am 😉

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