Happy Xmas and New Year!

Sorry I didn’t post last week. It got a bit hectic there with family events, hosting some family, and cat-sitting/house-sitting for my holidaying family.

I’m still cat-sitting at the moment, but I’ve finally been able to rest in the one spot for a while and not have to travel back and forth between houses for xmas parties.

(Sigh of relief).

Merry Christmas!

How did you spend xmas day?

To be honest, I was expecting something like this:

holiday fights christmas

I always get terrible anxiety when I know I have to catch up with the family because I’m always expecting the worst, including fights. I was pleasantly surprised however. There wasn’t a single fight, nor even a moment of awkwardness across the three Christmas parties I attended — that is some record!

I also got to meet my nieces, who were so lovely. I’m not really a maternal person, but we had lots of fun together and I’m convinced they think I’m the best aunt 😉

Also, something amazing happened recently — possibly the biggest news of 2017! It was officially confirmed that Die Hard is a Christmas film! Yes, I’m pretty sure even the UN was involved in this defining moment of history. This will surely see an end to most Christmas fights, which are of course about Die Hard.

Die Hard christmas movie film

So, it’s been a good Christmas. I’ve had my fill of chocolate, and got some awesome gifts.

Happy New Year!

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?
Have you been putting something off?

I’m considering getting back into fencing. It’s been a few years now, though it hasn’t felt like it. The longer I wait the harder it gets unfortunately, and it’s getting really hard to motivate myself back into that routine.

And finally,
I’ve been continuing on with my goal of reading through all my unread classics. I finished The Last Unicorn — it was such a beautiful story — and might consider writing up a review for it. When things settle down after the holidays, I’ll get onto it.

Thanks again for joining me. I hope the new year brings you lots of happiness and awesomeness. We need it after the nightmare of 2016, and even 2017 —  except for the news about Die Hard, of course! 😉


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