NaNo’s over. Now what?

So, I finished National Novel Writing Month last week, and claimed my win for Saga of the Sinner. I hit my goal of 60,000 words, but was too worn out to keep up the daily goals until the 30th.

Saga of the Sinner by Cadence validated word count 61,000 win

To be completely honest, I’ve been severely depressed these last couple of weeks and despite having crossed the finish line I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to be happy about this achievement.

I can’t be sure what brought it on. Maybe I just burned out from NaNo and this is simply the after effects. Whatever the cause, this depression has left me very non-functiony lately.

Saga of the Sinner, by CadenceI wish I could say I have a major plan in play for the revision months of NaNo, but so far I’ve had nothing on my mind but sleeping, eating, and recovering while watching various YouTube gamers play Until Dawn, Uncharted 4, and Life Is Strange. Revision doesn’t start until January, so I might be faring better (hopefully) before then, though my initial plan was to continue working through December — don’t think that’ll be happening.

So, I’ve just been taking it easy. I’ve been doing some reading (Marquis de Sade’s Juliette, which has been amazing by the way, and Andrzej Sapkowski’s Blood of Elves — yep, the Witcher obsession is strong with this one). Still struggling with sleep, though I actually managed to get 8 hours the other day — probably the longest sleep I’ve had in months without the assistance of a sleeping pill.

Plans so far?
To pretty much tear apart Saga of the Sinner and rearrange all the chapters and scenes to form some sort of coherent and fluid story. That was one of the difficult things during NaNo — writing the beginning, middle, and end when all the chapters are actually short stories. I think that’s why I felt I hadn’t completely accomplished all that I wanted — because I couldn’t physically see these parts, at least not as well as I could when writing Eleanor, which has a linear story.

Other than that?
Other than that? Well, seriously, I’ve already started thinking about another project, Wings of Malice. That’s pretty typical when I get weary of a work in progress though. I’ll try not to get distracted, but… getting my mind away from Saga of the Sinner, at least for a time, might do me well — I’d like to be able to come back to Sade with both fresh eyes and an eagerness, rather than despair and loathing.

In other news…
I chopped off all my hair, and am now sporting a sort of pixie hairdo. Never had it this short before, but I love it. It’s quite liberating. Now planning to dye it a mix of turquoise and purple — quite different from my usual shade… blue. I did originally want to go turquoise, all those years ago, but the dye came out blue instead. So I stuck with the blue for what… six years now? Going to give turquoise a try, but as I love the blue so much, I think I’ll go back to it — odd considering green is my favourite colour.

Anyway, I might leave it there. I was going to try and force myself to get some sleep. Fingers crossed I get at least 8 hours. That would be nice.

Nighty night, everyone!


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