Wings of Malice series

Yes, you read right. Wings of Malice will now be a series.

Let’s first be clear… I’m referring to ‘series’ in the literary world, not televisual. But, possibly in the future that could still happen. Whom knows?

Originally, I had intended to write a standalone fantasy novel, with the possibility of creating two or three spin-off novels, for each of the main characters. Instead, I’ve decided on writing a series (of three books), which will very much complicate things. Essentially, this means dissecting 86,000 odd words, and separating chapters into their respective novels. In summary, I will be writing three novels at once. What fun!

If you will notice, I have updated the novel progress to…

Wings of MaliceIt’s simply my need to constantly make things more difficult for myself, really.

So far, I have gone through my manuscript, and I have begun filtering out chapters, and have been formatting them into some sort of coherent structure. At this stage, Book Three is longer than the rest — the start has been difficult to dissect, unfortunately —  so really I have been forced to work on all three novels at one time, at least for now.

Writing in this particular structure actually opens a door to a spin-off I have been contemplating for some time. One of my antagonists is quite a complex character, who I would like to develop a bit more within the series. But, I would also like to show her off in her own novel, as she seems to outshine the heroines.

At this stage I can’t reveal much more about the project, unfortunately. It’s now, technically, in its ‘early days’.

In other news
I have just finished reading Florence and Giles, by John Harding.

This is an amazing book, and I will get around to writing a proper review soon — I won’t do one in this post.

I will say this though… buy this book now! It is in-your-face Gothic, and in-your-face twists and turns. As the quote on the cover of the book suggests…

Imagine The Turn of the Screw reworked by Edgar Allan Poe – The Times

…it is indeed very Poe-esque.

I will stop there. As I said, I will leave the review until later.

What’s next on the reading list?
I haven’t started anything new yet, sadly. These last couple of weeks have been quite hectic, and so far I struggled to finish both Wildthorn and Florence and Giles before my deadlines.

As you can see (below), I still have a few to go. I did also recently order another book, Emily’s Ghost, by Denise Giardina — my first preference — but the order was cancelled sadly, so now I will have to find another copy elsewhere. Sigh.

I may also consider The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James now since finishing Florence and Giles. I do have a copy somewhere, in one of my To Be Read bookcases.


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