Book covers, giveaways, comps, and Nano

It feels like it's been ages since I've given you all an update, and I guess it has, as last week I posted up a review of Florence & Giles instead of my usual post. Editing and Eleanor My fabulous editor is currently working on Eleanor -- doing a copyedit and assessment of the manuscript. … Continue reading Book covers, giveaways, comps, and Nano


Florence & Giles, by John Harding

Florence and Giles by John Harding

Florence & Giles, by John HardingĀ is unlike anything I've read before. Sure, I've seen the Gothic elements before, but I'm talking about the language. At first I was like, "Jeez, there seems to be a few errors." then I was like, "Have I forgotten English?" then I realised, "Ah!" and then it was like, "Holy … Continue reading Florence & Giles, by John Harding

Agents, editors, comps, and comps

It's been crazy-busy lately! There's so much to tell you guys, so I'd better do it quickly, before I forget it all. Firstly, editors (or, more accurately, "editor") Eleanor is off with the editor for a copyedit/assessment of the manuscript. I am both excited and nervous as all Hell. I should get Eleanor back mid … Continue reading Agents, editors, comps, and comps

Wings of Malice series

Yes, you read right. Wings of Malice will now be a series. Let's first be clear... I'm referring to 'series' in the literary world, not televisual. But, possibly in the future that could still happen. Whom knows? Originally, I had intended to write a standalone fantasy novel, with the possibility of creating two or three … Continue reading Wings of Malice series