Limbo and finding comp titles

Taking this “relaxing” week off (after finishing up Eleanor) is just not happening. I’m feeling a little empty not working those 14-18 hour days. So, I’ve been considering starting a new project, but I know I should stay Eleanor-focused. It will need more work, I know that. It’s just this bloody break. What should I be doing?

I think I should be checking out comparable works in the genre. That’s what I should be doing!

So that’s what I started doing yesterday.

The plan is to come up with a list of comp titles, so when I submit to publishers they know what Eleanor is like. Pretty simple, right? Well, sort of. I need to find books in the “neo-Victorian” subgenre of historical fiction, which I think Eleanor would fall into. I didn’t even know “neo-Victorian”, as a genre, existed until recently.

In my search, I came across something interesting (well, something that I thought was interesting). Did you know Penny Dreadful is a comic book? Based off the TV series. Did you know that?

Yes? Oh, never mind then.

Penny Dreadful comic book

Anyway, I thought it might be a good comp, possibly. Even though it’s a comic. Still, it gives you an idea of the kind of theme, tone, or style that Eleanor is like, right? Well, that’s the point.

The entire “neo-Victorian” genre and culture as a whole, is quite popular today and that popularity is only growing. If we look to fashion, Victorian or steampunk events (I attended one a few years ago, and it was awesome!), films like Hysteria and, of course, the TV show Penny Dreadful (and even Downton Abbey), we can see the influence the Victorian/Edwardian/Gothic has on us today.

Mostly, I’m looking for Victorian/Gothic/Romantic historical fiction, with the same (or similar) language and style you would find from works of that time.

Newt Aliens Mostly looking for neo-Victorian, mostly

I’m also looking at reimaginings of V/G/R works, like Frankenstein, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dickensian works, and so on.

I’m considering adding Going Postal by Terry Pratchett to that list, as Adora Belle Dearheart is an amazingly strong, independent character, and I see shared elements between her and Eleanor. Though, Pratchett is (or sadly, was) a god in the literary world, so choosing him, or his work, as a comp might be a big leap for little ol’ me.

Still, she is kickarse!

Adora Belle Dearheart

In any case, it means me having to read a shitload of books. I have around 16 on my list so far. Don’t worry, that list is growing.

So, what’s coming up?
TeamBeta is reading through Eleanor, and I’m very patiently awaiting their response.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Veruca Salt

So, while that’s happening, I’ll continue looking for comps. I’ll start reading a few, and maybe I’ll get cracking on some of my other projects. A Travesty, for instance, or Wings of Malice.

And then what?
Well, as I have noted, I have an editor in mind for taking on Eleanor. I’m hoping (after TeamBeta has finished looking over my manuscript), to send in a request for her amazing services.

Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have been considering a new project (for National Novel Writing Month), and I’m very eager to start it. It is quite different from my usual writings. It’s still historical fiction, but it will deal with themes that I wouldn’t dare explore normally. Even the language itself, will be quite challenging, but I want to challenge myself. It will shock you, trust me, as it shocks me thinking about what exactly I will be writing.

Until then…

I’ll leave you all waiting with bated breath 😉


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