Wings of Malice, comps, and Sade

Okay, so I've abandoned any and all attempts at having a break, because it's just not working. Instead, I'm placing all my thoughts, effort, and time into continuing my work on Wings of Malice, a young adult fantasy novel. I left Wings of Malice about a year ago after hitting a wall, but also, more … Continue reading Wings of Malice, comps, and Sade


Limbo and finding comp titles

Taking this "relaxing" week off (after finishing up Eleanor) is just not happening. I'm feeling a little empty not working those 14-18 hour days. So, I've been considering starting a new project, but I know I should stay Eleanor-focused. It will need more work, I know that. It's just this bloody break. What should I … Continue reading Limbo and finding comp titles

Eleanor – You’re done!

Oh my god! Eleanor is DONE!!! I can't believe it. 412 pages edited in 4 weeks! Boo yah!   Maybe I should have posted a picture of a 'The End'? Meh. Hang on... There we go 😛 It's quite surreal. I never truly thought this day would come. I'm so used to self-sabotage that I … Continue reading Eleanor – You’re done!

Eleanor update – end sort of still in sight

These last two weeks have been so stressful. See, I have a terrible habit of setting myself impossible deadlines. I said to myself, "Self," I said, "You can edit 400 pages in 4 weeks, easily!" And hey, I probably could have reached my weekly deadlines, if it weren't for things getting in the way, such … Continue reading Eleanor update – end sort of still in sight