Eleanor update – alphas, betas, publishers

Eleanor is now in the hands of its first reader, and I must say, I am beyond scared has just gone through its first reader, and I am both excited and anxious to go over their notes!

(Now entering deciphering mode)

Eleanor - Si's notes

I now have a lot of ideas on how to change up the story a little, and to fix any inconsistencies I can before I go on to the next step, beta readers. This will hopefully happen either at the end of this month or beginning of the next. It all depends on how much I want to change, really.

My main concerns at this stage are consistency and flow. These are things I won’t be a great judge of — I’ve stared at this manuscript so much, I can’t be sure anymore. It’s one thing to have the story playing over and over in my head, but whether or not I have successfully conveyed it to the reader, that is another thing. So I must pass this burden on to the beta readers. Sorry, guys!

My first reader has assured me that, for the most part, the manuscript is consistent and flows well, with nice pacing (but there are of course issues too). And I am hoping the fact that it took this reader only 5 hours to get through the book is due to it being a good story, not because it was so poor they had to rush through it… ahem. The beta readers will give me a better idea however, as my first reader is surely biased 😉

So what comes next?
After beta readers? I think I’ll be looking at publishers. I have a few in mind. This is all very new to me however, so of course, before I make that plunge, I will do some research.

But you can rest assured that when it comes to the exciting and scary parts, I’ll do my very best to vaguebook the hell out of it! 😉 So make sure you’re following me on facebook and twitter to get the latest news on all the goings-on with Eleanor.

Eleanor edited


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