Eleanor – Editing (and a trip to see the Mormons)

Well, I’m back from my trip to Melbourne! That was damn fun, and The Book of Mormon was hella funny. It was not as I expected. I thought the musical would be more like the South Park episode, “All About Mormons”. Not that that’s a complaint. The show was damn good, and I highly recommend you go see it! But if you can’t, definitely get a hold of the soundtrack.

Check out some of the tracks below. Turn It Off is pretty damn amazing.

I also visited one of my favourite places, The Cornish Arms, in Brunswick. I tried the vegan chicken burger. It was a-mazing, but I swear they used vegan duck this time around, haha!

Can’t say no to awesomeness like this…

or this…

I also got to visit one of my favourite Thai restaurants, Thai Puka in Albury. They have the best Tom Yum and Panang Curry I’ve ever had!


Now onto Eleanor:

I have been working on editing and formatting. It is going really well, I must say, and has given me more motivation and confidence in the project. I admit that while the goal tracker was helping me put down the words, it wasn’t helping as much as simply editing and proofing. I should have been focusing more on this aspect, because when I was forcing myself to flesh out the story, I was pushing Eleanor to places I didn’t want it to go.

You may remember that I was initially working on Eleanor in parts, and was planning to format it as such. Instead, I have decided to give each part its own chapters. I think this will help you, the reader. I mean, that’s something I prefer as a reader also. It certainly helps when I plan to read only a chapter before bed… or ten… or the entire book. You know how it goes!

I’m really proud of how far this project has come along, in a relatively short time. National Novel Writing Month has been a big part of that, and I owe my thanks to the program. So, thank you!

So… I will continue in this fashion with Eleanor, as it seems to be the most effective for me… at this stage. Of around 280 or so pages, I have managed to edit only 60 odd. So, it’s going slow, as is expected, but I’m getting through it faster than I was with my goal tracker the other week. That’s not to trash the tracker, or anything. It is a very useful tool. I simply think that I’ve gone as far as I can, story wise, with Eleanor. Really, I could create a new tracker, but with editing and formatting in mind, rather than a word count. Perhaps I will consider that.

I still would like to finish before heading off to Perth (on the 15th!!!), but I don’t think that’s realistic at this stage… but we’ll see. We’ll see. I can be an editing machine when I need to. All those years subbing and proofing will come in handy, haha!

I’m working on chapter three at the moment. Eleanor has just been kicked out of the university. I’ve been advised to build up to this a little more, and I think that could work, but considering the character of the lecturer — who kicks Eleanor out — it seems more in his nature to blast Eleanor upon first sight. This probably isn’t making much sense for you guys right now. I’m having trouble knowing what I should or should not reveal at this stage.

The ending is the only problem right now. I’m still unsure what exactly I want. I have some ideas. During the goal tracker weeks, I was getting a little too complicated with the ending. I think it just needs to be simple. Simple is better.

Oh, and Henry. I’m still working on making him more three-dimensional. I have a plan for than. I have a plan!

Thanks for keeping up to date with all things Eleanor!

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Stay tuned for another update…

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