Eleanor – Intermission

I have been advised to take a break from work as I get my head together. That means I have stopped working towards my goal with National Novel Writing Month‘s goal tracker. I am quite sad about that, but I think it’s for the best right now, as I seem to be steering in the wrong direction with Eleanor. I need to step away, then come back to it with fresh eyes.

During my goal tracker venture,  I had been finding that I was at war with myself over the plot and story of Eleanor. Things were becoming a little too complicated in the story, so I am hoping to pull it all back and get it on track to where I wanted it originally, which may mean Eleanor working better as a novella. This isn’t set in stone. Throughout my drafting processes, I will be fleshing everything out more, BUT the story itself is shorter than I anticipated originally. I don’t want to sacrifice integrity in order to get it to novel length which, I am afraid, I am doing. So, no! No, Cadence, no!

So, I have ended my goal tracker… on 9,212 words. Still, it’s not bad, but now I’ll have to wade through all of that and see what is salvageable.

So far during the intermission, I have been working on editing, and formatting. The formatting work is mainly to get me excited and motivated about the project more, and to get a feel for how the manuscript may be printed – I am still undecided about traditional vs self-publishing. Self-publishing seems to be more suited to this project, but that doesn’t mean I will discount traditional. Have you noticed that I’ve been going round in circles? Haha!

I am also unhappy with my character, Henry. He’s not where I want him to be, so my plan is to work on some short stories, or write from his perspective on each of his scenes with Eleanor. At the moment he’s okay, not brilliant though, so I want to get him as close to brilliant, or perfect, as possible. I have been directed towards some works (and characters) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to get a better idea of where Henry should be. So… more added to my TBR pile, or bookcase(s) rather.

And so we move on to reading. During the intermission, I have been getting stuck into some books – that’s not to say I haven’t been reading at all during my writing. I have, but some books are too difficult to get through, because of spelling/grammatical errors, and I found I was spending my leisure time doing markups (because, you know, I have to do that!), instead of enjoying the book.

I am finally finishing Lili St. Crow’s A Tale of Beauty and Madness series, with Kin. It’s been a really interesting series (Nameless will always be my favourite), and I love the author’s creativity and writing style. I am certain Lili St. Crow (or Lilith Saintcrow) is annoyed by how many times I ask her to write more of this series, haha!

Then I’ll move on to The Witcher series. It’s been a while since I’ve read about Geralt’s adventures.

Thanks for keeping up to date with all things Eleanor!

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Stay tuned for another update…

(which may or may not include my adventures in Melbourne!)

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