Eleanor update – Words, words, words

Last week I started a goal tracker with the National Novel Writing Month website, which is very exciting, at least to me. This NaNoWriMo tool will help me stick to my goal of completing my Eleanor manuscript by the end of February. So, while I completed the 50k goal in November, I did not finish a full draft.

So, what’s the plan exactly?
The plan is to get Eleanor to a novel-length manuscript as I am not keen on publishing it as a novella. I have therefore set myself a reasonable goal of 20k words to reach within a month — only 625 words a day.

As you know, I am heading off to Perth in February for my graduation, so I am hoping to reach the 20k before I leave.

I have quite a few blank spaces to fill in my story; missing scenes, etc. I plan to write them up, and flesh out anything else I need to. Also, since starting Eleanor, I have changed my mind a number of times on what I want to happen in the end! Damn my fickleness! So, obviously, I will need to make an executive decision on what I will do.
If my characters let me!

A visual (for I am not articulate enough to describe a graph of my toilings):

Eutemia  I  Regular


Goal tracker word count: 2,796
Total word count: 57,524
End goal: 74,728

Stay tuned for another update. In the meantime…


Want to learn more about my NaNoWriMo project? Check out my Eleanor page



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