Eleanor – Intermission

I have been advised to take a break from work as I get my head together. That means I have stopped working towards my goal with National Novel Writing Month‘s goal tracker. I am quite sad about that, but I think it’s for the best right now, as I seem to be steering in the wrong direction with Eleanor. I need to step away, then come back to it with fresh eyes.

During my goal tracker venture,  I had been finding that I was at war with myself over the plot and story of Eleanor. Things were becoming a little too complicated in the story, so I am hoping to pull it all back and get it on track to where I wanted it originally, which may mean Eleanor working better as a novella. This isn’t set in stone. Throughout my drafting processes, I will be fleshing everything out more, BUT the story itself is shorter than I anticipated originally. I don’t want to sacrifice integrity in order to get it to novel length which, I am afraid, I am doing. So, no! No, Cadence, no!

So, I have ended my goal tracker… on 9,212 words. Still, it’s not bad, but now I’ll have to wade through all of that and see what is salvageable.

So far during the intermission, I have been working on editing, and formatting. The formatting work is mainly to get me excited and motivated about the project more, and to get a feel for how the manuscript may be printed – I am still undecided about traditional vs self-publishing. Self-publishing seems to be more suited to this project, but that doesn’t mean I will discount traditional. Have you noticed that I’ve been going round in circles? Haha!

I am also unhappy with my character, Henry. He’s not where I want him to be, so my plan is to work on some short stories, or write from his perspective on each of his scenes with Eleanor. At the moment he’s okay, not brilliant though, so I want to get him as close to brilliant, or perfect, as possible. I have been directed towards some works (and characters) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to get a better idea of where Henry should be. So… more added to my TBR pile, or bookcase(s) rather.

And so we move on to reading. During the intermission, I have been getting stuck into some books – that’s not to say I haven’t been reading at all during my writing. I have, but some books are too difficult to get through, because of spelling/grammatical errors, and I found I was spending my leisure time doing markups (because, you know, I have to do that!), instead of enjoying the book.

I am finally finishing Lili St. Crow’s A Tale of Beauty and Madness series, with Kin. It’s been a really interesting series (Nameless will always be my favourite), and I love the author’s creativity and writing style. I am certain Lili St. Crow (or Lilith Saintcrow) is annoyed by how many times I ask her to write more of this series, haha!

Then I’ll move on to The Witcher series. It’s been a while since I’ve read about Geralt’s adventures.

Thanks for keeping up to date with all things Eleanor!

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Stay tuned for another update…

(which may or may not include my adventures in Melbourne!)

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Eleanor update – Week 2 of goal tracker

Eutemia  I  Regular

It is Day 11 (well, Day 12 by the time this is published) of my NaNoWriMo goal tracker.

Goal tracker word count: 7,893
Goal tracker goal: 20,000
Total word count:
End goal:

I’ve been asked where this awesome tool can be found. Check out the National Novel Writing Month website here http://www.nanowrimo.org and create an account. Good luck!

Somehow I managed to reach my targets for this week. I have no idea how that happened. Between watching Gopher’s complete playthrough of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Alanah (Charalanahzard) Pearce’s complete playthrough of Until Dawn, and this awesome video of a sand spider trying to hide (video below), I had very little time to myself to get these words down. It’s been crazy, I know. I’m just so busy. But I did it! 5,000 odd words isn’t too bad given I’d be struggling to meet that without the tracker. I love this tool, I really do, and I will continue to use it throughout my drafting process with Eleanor.

Although I am not 100% happy with what I’ve written, at least there’s something there for me to work from. Who knows? I might end up deleting the whole 20,000 words I am to write this month, but we’ll see. We’ll see.

So, Eleanor is going all right. As a whole, it’s going really well. I’m happy where it’s heading. The ending is the tricky part though. I have been working on it quite a bit this last week, but I’m still undecided about a few things.

I’m meeting the goals so far, which is great because I will be heading off early February to see The Book of Mormon in Melbourne! I am absolutely tempted to write solely of my Melbourne adventures (a trip to The Cornish Arms is definitely on the plate – see what I did there?). Perhaps I will. It’s not like anyone can stop me, unless they have a court order (the reason why I can’t sing Wuthering Heights in public anymore).

Back to Eleanor. There is so much I want to reveal about what’s been going on, and I am so excited about it all, but I know I shouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for my darling readers.That’s right, by reading this you have entered into a binding contract, which means you must read Eleanor once it is published.

I can reveal…
There has been a murder! Ermahgahd! (Insert Twilight Zone theme here).
But whose murder, what kind of murder, and who is the murderer? Not even I know!
Well, of course I know.

I can reveal…
Eleanor has become a bit of an absinthe addict (her favourite drink being Lemercier), which is perfectly understandable given her recent misfortunes, of which there are many.

I can reveal…
There has been some tension between Eleanor and Henry.

I can reveal…
The name of Eleanor’s horse is Gabrielle.

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Stay tuned for another update. In the meantime…

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Eleanor update – Words, words, words

Last week I started a goal tracker with the National Novel Writing Month website, which is very exciting, at least to me. This NaNoWriMo tool will help me stick to my goal of completing my Eleanor manuscript by the end of February. So, while I completed the 50k goal in November, I did not finish a full draft.

So, what’s the plan exactly?
The plan is to get Eleanor to a novel-length manuscript as I am not keen on publishing it as a novella. I have therefore set myself a reasonable goal of 20k words to reach within a month — only 625 words a day.

As you know, I am heading off to Perth in February for my graduation, so I am hoping to reach the 20k before I leave.

I have quite a few blank spaces to fill in my story; missing scenes, etc. I plan to write them up, and flesh out anything else I need to. Also, since starting Eleanor, I have changed my mind a number of times on what I want to happen in the end! Damn my fickleness! So, obviously, I will need to make an executive decision on what I will do.
If my characters let me!

A visual (for I am not articulate enough to describe a graph of my toilings):

Eutemia  I  Regular


Goal tracker word count: 2,796
Total word count: 57,524
End goal: 74,728

Stay tuned for another update. In the meantime…


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So lost (part 2) – a minuscule musings series

The following is a part of a ‘minuscule musings’ series. It’s more like a work in progress for a larger piece, a short story. I aim to add to it each week, and hopefully something fluid will come of it!

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Crestfallen, she falls and I do nothing. She has driven herself to this. There is nothing I can do. And though I love her, I cannot.

I have seen the monster within, the one incapable, unwilling, to surrender to happiness and love. And though my hands are washed of her blood, the torrents stain.

Stains which last, scoring the flesh. Never to be free of her.

© 2016

Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year (sorry it’s late). It’s been a difficult year in more ways than one, and I really hope that 2017 will bring us some good… because in all honesty, 2016 has been shit!

I am however loath to admit that 2016 has been good to me in terms of my writing. I am sorry! Please put the pitchforks down!

National Novel Writing Month was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done, and it really pushed me to my limits — limits that I didn’t know I had. It’s made me realise I am capable of more, and I suppose my New Year’s resolution is to manage my time better and try to implement a writing schedule (with similar goals and such) as I had during NaNoWriMo. This will, I hope, ensure I write more or as much as I’d like.
I will also enter NaNoWriMo again in 2017. I already have a couple of novel ideas in mind!

Eleanor is almost complete. I will continue working on it throughout the holidays, and it should be up for publication early next year. And then begins that gruelling process! Editing, agenting, publishing… all worse than the writing process itself. Oh yes, indeed! I will prevail however, fingers crossed. I know. I know. Just let me be positive for a while, okay? Thanks!

What’s to come in 2017?
Well, I am soon to fly to Perth (in February) to walk across that stage and receive my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree. Fingers crossed I don’t fall down. It was my biggest fear back in 2015 when I travelled there for my undergrad. And bloody hell! They don’t hand out the awards alphabetically by student name, rather they do it alphabetically by discipline! As you can imagine Professional Writing and Publishing was one of the last to be read out. So, I was sitting there for well over an hour fighting my nerves and desire to pee.

I think I’ll soon make a post about my thesis. Why not? I’m sure you’d love to read about it! 😉

Most people visit wineries when they head over there (particularly to Margaret River), but I will be checking out breweries. Back in 2015, I visited Cowaramup Brewing Co. and Duckstein Brewery, both amazing places, but the only problem was I couldn’t bring much of their beer back with me to Sydney! It was trouble enough just trying to get one growler onto the plane. Anyway, more about my travels later. I know there is great demand to hear about it, so try and remain patient.

What else?
Right now, I’m enjoying the ‘I don’t know’ period. All I’m thinking about is having a relaxing holiday, and getting Eleanor done. I am also looking to get back into proofing/sub-editorial work.

Back to NYE, etc…
How did you celebrate the New Year? Did you give a giant middle finger to 2016, whilst rocking back and forth, and hugging your favourite teddy bear midst sobs?

As I write this, it’s not quite New Year’s Eve yet, so apologies for the change in tense…

I will be going to an amazing absinthe bar in the city tonight, and for New Year’s Eve/Day, I have plans to stay up all night playing Playstation games, some of which include: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Trials Fusion, and I think Dynasty Warriors will have to make an appearance, as it is tradition to play it on NYE. I would love to get back into Valkyria Chronicles also. It was recently released on PS4, thank the Playstation gods! Battlefield 1 might also join the fun too, because nothing says NYE like landing a plane on a Zeppelin!

I think I’m getting a little distracted. Please mind the drool as I salivate over gaming.

You know, I should probably end it here. I need to pack for tonight as I’m staying in the city, and I am again getting distracted, this time by Gopher on YouTube doing a complete playthrough of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I am obsessed, I know! He can be annoying, but he has an awesome, yet unidentifiable accent that I love!

So, do you have any awesome NYE/NYD pics? Did you watch the fireworks? Drop a line below and let me know how your ‘Fuck you!’ to 2016 went 😛

Until next time…

Cadence xxoo

Update: It is now officially 2017! I thought I’d just post a few pics from my adventures to the Absinthesalon.