Merry xmas!

I want to wish all my friends, family, and followers a Merry Christmas! It is Boxing Day, here in Australia, but nonetheless... I hope you all have/had a wonderful day 🙂 Both xmas eve and xmas day were excellent. I think I'd have to say that xmas eve was better. Sorry, xmas! Great food (roast … Continue reading Merry xmas!


So lost – a minuscule musings series

The following is a part of a 'minuscule musings' series. It's more like a work in progress for a larger piece, a short story. I aim to add to it each week, and hopefully something fluid will come of it! Read part two Read part three Read part four So lost, she's gone to me. … Continue reading So lost – a minuscule musings series

Playlist for Eleanor

Finally I have a spare moment to jot down the songs I listened to whilst writing Eleanor. I didn't listen to music for all the time I was writing, as I usually get distracted and sing along, so this list isn't that long. But, as I am still working on Eleanor, I will continue to … Continue reading Playlist for Eleanor

An Ode to Bipolar

Blue Fringe Arts 2016

Published in the 2016 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology: Speak Out An Ode to Bipolar Into sadness, a sometimes forgotten spell. Feverish, fetish, devouring all. Yet when deprived, a fondness; so yearning and lachrymose. Of tears, weeping the flower of being. And necromancy, an embrace; a plea for answers, but soft and … Continue reading An Ode to Bipolar