Merry xmas!

I want to wish all my friends, family, and followers a Merry Christmas!

Our meagre IKEA Christmas tree, with reindeer/goat thingy.

It is Boxing Day, here in Australia, but nonetheless… I hope you all have/had a wonderful day 🙂

Both xmas eve and xmas day were excellent. I think I’d have to say that xmas eve was better. Sorry, xmas! Great food (roast veggies, gingerbread house, Yorkshire puddings, custard, and a lot of cheeses — doesn’t get better than that!), great company, but more importantly I watched the, not only greatest xmas film of all time, but the greatest film of all time: Die Hard.

Suzy Spoon’s roast, roast veggies (potato, parsnip, carrot, pumpkin, beetroot), beans, broccolini, gravy, Yorkshire puddings, gingerbread house, and… condiments.

Boxing Day isn’t out of the running yet though for the crowning of ‘Greatest Holiday… Day’ (that I have just created). It could be the winner. Only time will tell.

Please be good to one another, and be safe driving.

What did you get up to for Christmas? Anything special this year? Let me know in the comments below, and post pictures if you have any.

Cadence xxoo


So lost – a minuscule musings series

The following is a part of a ‘minuscule musings’ series. It’s more like a work in progress for a larger piece, a short story. I aim to add to it each week, and hopefully something fluid will come of it!

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So lost, she’s gone to me. Gone from me. And though I have shown her what love is, what it means to feel love, she doesn’t see it, she doesn’t feel it. Not from me. And though she has betrayed me, manipulated my heart into feeding her delusions, I cannot break the spell over me. I love her and she’ll never return it.

© 2016

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Playlist for Eleanor

Finally I have a spare moment to jot down the songs I listened to whilst writing Eleanor. I didn’t listen to music for all the time I was writing, as I usually get distracted and sing along, so this list isn’t that long. But, as I am still working on Eleanor, I will continue to add songs to the list on Spotify.

Music is certainly inspiration, and I try to venture into various genres to get a feel of my mood, or my characters’ moods. You will therefore note a dramatic change in music styles in my list, from symphonic metal and rock, to classical, art pop, and whatever genre Björk is! And though I am a big 80s music lover, I did stray away (as much as I could) in favour of music that I thought was more cohesive and conducive to my moods whilst writing Eleanor. That may seem rather odd, when you see the list, as everything is in chaos. I admit that I did put my player on shuffle, but when I came across a song that wasn’t working for me, I simply moved on or picked something suitable for the scene or my mood. Bear in mind that this list doesn’t 100% reflect the development of the story.


I can’t imagine Eleanor listening to Styx, but I can’t deny my love for them, so they’re on the list. Styx definitely know how to pick me up and get me pumped and ready for writing. Likewise with Babymetal (“Gimme Chocolate” isn’t exactly a true representation of Eleanor’s descent into madness).

Yet, it is the very first song on the list that really does it for me. It was the perfect song for the first day of National Novel Writing Month, and the first day of Eleanor. It woke me up, got me motivated and ready for the month ahead. Have a listen, and I think you’ll agree.

My playlist is available on Spotify. You will need to create a free account to be able to view and listen to my playlist. You have the option to follow my account, which means you will receive a notification when I add new playlists.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find every song through Spotify, so I may simply post up those songs individually, or post a screenshot from my player.


Eleanor Spotify list

Did you enjoy the playlist? Was there a song on there you loved or hated? Let me know in the comment section below.

An Ode to Bipolar

Published in the 2016 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology: Speak Out
Blue Fringe Arts 2016 Short Story and Poetry Anthology Speak Out

An Ode to Bipolar

Into sadness,
a sometimes forgotten spell.
Feverish, fetish, devouring all.
Yet when deprived,
a fondness; so yearning
and lachrymose.
Of tears, weeping
the flower
of being.
And necromancy,
an embrace;
a plea for answers,
but soft and deafening
the shadowed face.

Perpetual madness,
a labyrinth of decaying
thought and nameless love,
where spectres dance, and ravage,
and sentence the mind
to answer.

But the hummingbird,
the sublime,
the beauty within.
Does it linger? Why does it so?
The love foretold,
and wisteria singing.
Creepers entangling,
strangling no more.
And leaden drops no longer
fill the lands with despair.

© 2016

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