… and so it begins!

National Novel Writing Month begins tomorrow! I will be posting updates on the writing process for my novel, Eleanor, whenever I can. Hopefully it will be once a week (instead of my weekly poetry/short story posts). I'd love to hear from other NaNoWriMos out there -- not sure if that is the correct term. In … Continue reading … and so it begins!


And Cinderella, poisoned

And Cinderella, poisoned, in Salem dwells a fevered hell where the fire, stoked, and the final knell ends not the spell. But the fairy tale no longer tells of the broken, burning shell A charming love for her, forgotten an end to his passionate swell so into sorrow, she fell All this, she foretells © … Continue reading And Cinderella, poisoned

And love was stolen

And love was stolen by a fool, by a coward Stole her from me But willing, she left Tainted, and the shadow fell A cloak, and took all forgiveness stole her dreams stole her happiness But forbade her, I never to be with him and to humiliate To be mine, until The day All donned in white A mockery, a … Continue reading And love was stolen

NaNoWriMo – what’s it all about?

National Novel Writing Month is coming up very soon. Every year for the past few years I have planned to enter, write, and complete a novel within one month (November). I made it so far as signing up one year 😉 This year is different though. Not only have I signed up, but I have also got … Continue reading NaNoWriMo – what’s it all about?

She speaks to angels

This is a work in progress. She: Breaking through these hardships though I'd never looked up from the roses when the darkness reached the silence and the sorrow in his eyes I was lost and lonely and so cold in there Forgotten beneath the stars I took all of his love And fought it through the night Embracing all of … Continue reading She speaks to angels

The crossroads – in the afterlife

Stirring, and whispers within a burning Desire summons, therein, so brewing for death The lost, lie as prey while the lonely stray though walking in the light; the crimson deep her sight and death to befall them so it is foretold Enticing and delighting, yet defies The mark withers from her reach Desire anew for … Continue reading The crossroads – in the afterlife