My name is beauty

The Marquis de Sade has been a small obsession of mine for quite some time. While I have been working on an historical novel regarding the French writer, I have also been writing little musings. After reading through many of his letters, I have been trying to get a feel of his voice.

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My name is beauty.
Cries of ecstasy haunt
the lips of those
who speak my name,
The Marquis de Sade.

© 2012


Fire’s kiss

There is nothing more soothing
than a fire’s kiss
scarring an eternity of love
upon a lonely soul

© 2010

Fortuna Death

He entered me
Serene mind
Innocence stolen
Virtue stripped
It was time
The flesh eaten
From my heart
The scythe cutting
Tearing at my organ
Fingers clench the sky
And drawn down
Clawed in tragedy
A travesty
Though Fortuna favoured
Though Fortuna protected
Blackness consumes
And Death devours
Life stolen
Life slipped away
Life sacrificed

© 2016

Conquering a fading embrace

Conquering a fading embrace
Earthing, and dispelling all venom
And yet still deprived of serenity.

Frozen and grotesque, the greed overwhelms.
No peace
Never found
Condemned to wander;
A mournful dance;
A labyrinth of thistles.

But ever-defiant
the heart does not falter
Longing for peace
It knows will not come.

© 2016