Going slow…

… but getting there.

Just hit 80,000 words!!! recently (for novel number two, Wings of Malice), but the end feels so very far away. High fives for now though 🙂

I’m aiming for 120,000 words (but that’s not set in stone. Anywhere between 80k and 120k is perfect), and although I’m still technically on the first draft, I have edited the manuscript so many times, it feels as though I’m into draft two or three at least. Right now I’m filling in all the blanks, trying to join chapters together, and get everything all fluid, before getting right into editing (well, more editing than I’m currently doing… It will be the ACTUAL editing process). Dreaditing?

It has been difficult working on such a large document, and I prefer to be able to see everything right in front of me, but printing out pages (or the whole manuscript) is starting to become a real pain, both physically and financially. There must be a better way.

I wish I knew the secret formula for all of this!

Deadline is coming up soon.. eeee! But it’s going to get done. No problem…


…I’ve discovered the best form of distraction. I’m cat-sitting a little black kitty at the moment, and she demands all the attention. She won’t let me write! I’m calling this, ‘proCATination‘, a rite of passage for all aspiring authors.


This book writing thing could take longer than I initially thought 😛


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