The weariness, the heaviness

The weariness, the heaviness the weeping of my veins The bloodshed, the torment The broken love and decay © 2013


Going slow…

... but getting there. Just hit 80,000 words!!! recently (for novel number two, Wings of Malice), but the end feels so very far away. High fives for now though 🙂 I'm aiming for 120,000 words (but that's not set in stone. Anywhere between 80k and 120k is perfect), and although I'm still technically on the first draft, … Continue reading Going slow…

Justine – work in progress

Virtue cries as it weakens to vice And she falls… to her own grotesque sin of growing pride; the vain delight in her purity. Her penitence cannot win against a sinful world. Justine’s prize taken; a price She feels… everything. She winces, she cries And forced lone into the night But lost Justine, she’s found … Continue reading Justine – work in progress

Save Australian literature!

So comely, the sirens mourn – work in progress

So comely, the sirens mourn turned to ash and shadows spirits of their loves gone. Caged, they dwell within the prison of the mind So oft at war, a damning sin. The melancholy maladies surge and erupt attuned to these tragedies. Atropine-tainted shadows they linger, striated tracing veins in throes. Through distant memories; whispering to … Continue reading So comely, the sirens mourn – work in progress


There are a few things that are vital to my writing process. These include: an awesome environment, coffee, and music. I may have recently purchased a pile of CDs... just letting you know 😉  

I wander into darkness

I wander into darkness as it is the only way I know I bury my love inside the wounds the heart Scorned A piercing taste of passion misery and end Flightless scoring flesh and choking the core Withering away within without Desire severed © 2016