If you only love me dearly – work in progress

If you only love me dearly
and take away the pain you cause me



Betrayal, callous

Betrayal, callous
Unforgivable, broken
and torment begone
These thoughts,
these feelings
I didn’t ask
of them to taint me
To make me feel
and now I wonder
where my time went
where I lost myself,
and to who

I wanted you gone
If only you knew
Inside of me I knew
I was nothing
I meant nothing
to you

© 2016

Until now

Until now.

The memories, they flood in
drive in, I give in.
Couldn’t forget,
couldn’t deceive
… myself.

And I whisper my sorrow, my fears, again and again.
Wounded in my heart, and all alone, between tears, I am
Begging for a saviour
Begging for my saviour
to burn…

Away the pain, that haunts me
that chains me
that shames me.

The path is chosen
I don’t want to say no
I don’t want to say no

Until now.

A steeple
to my eyes
to my soul
but all in vain
all for nought.
No one’s there.
No one ever
and I became…

The fading thought
that you surrender
because I am lost
so lost forever…

The memories, they flood in
drive in, I give in.
Couldn’t forget,
couldn’t deceive
… myself

and I’m lost forever.

© 2016

Humming whispers

Humming whispers.
Gently, the earth rumbles.
See into the haze
the blind, WOEFUL
and the forgotten. NAIVE.
In shadows they tremble,
within a timeless domain.

Caging the weak.
Still blind.
And spirits fade.
Still forgotten.
Forever lost and so afraid.

Beginnings, the hate.
Married into always,
never come. BANE.
Never will, BELIEVE.
Earth-bound to eternity.
Come, no one and pray
Their lives, in vain.

Screams lost in bitter harmony,
and dead to the world, damned.
Mercilessly, they forgot themselves.
And taken into
the unimaginable, the sublime.
But death so desired and
freedom only by the knell.

© 2016

Ruin no longer

Ruin no longer
and if I fall
I’ll take him
with me
to death

© 2016