Tears time forgot

Tears time forgot. Lapsed into emptiness and arousing lips with scorn. Savouring salt. Savouring delight in melancholy and vengeance. Beauty in their sadness; tears love forgot © 2016


If only whispers would lead the way

Betrayal is my ruin. Desire, deep. Hurled and forlorn hatred; a rueful awakening amidst drained azure skies. If only whispers would lead the way. Light the way, to another place where all is sacred. © 2016

If in darkness

If in darkness I weep then no one can see, and of my dreams I speak they are none for me. © 2013

Tale of the Strigoaicǎ – original

Taken from my university assessment portfolio. Want to read more about the Strigoaicǎ? Read the short story, The Strigoaicǎ - Published in the 2014 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology Read the poem, Strigoaicǎ Winter, 1847 The beast, Strigoaicǎ, had birthed from the sombrous earth, her sleep interrupted, disturbed by my presence. Her body moved, as the sun … Continue reading Tale of the Strigoaicǎ – original

The Treatment, by Suzanne Young

The Treatment by Suzanne Young

This review contains spoilers. This will be a long review (or essay)... but I have so much I want to discuss! The Treatment, by Suzanne Young, picks up where The Program left off. Being agonisingly left on tenterhooks by the first novel, I made sure I had the sequel in my hands days after finishing the first. … Continue reading The Treatment, by Suzanne Young