Review ratings

I'm beginning to write some book reviews -- or essays ūüėČ -- nothing serious, nothing fancy, just some musings. I've just decided on a rating system. Instead of stars, I'll rate by a scale I've devised; the¬†good, the bad, and the ugly¬†books I've read. The lowest possible rating will be a 50 Shades of Grey … Continue reading Review ratings


Until eternity takes us

Until eternity takes us In her violent clutch Until the rotting of our bodies Into the unforgiving earth We shall lie as harmony Grants it The burden of our fates Forever haunting © 2013

Laced snow

Laced snow. Crisp. Dancing to rest atop the crossroads And a pearlescent tinge staining the earth. Marble. He was loved. Though within muted greys amongst hunter green. And rejected by the church Lies not within. His sins too great and so rests without atop the crossroads. © 2016

Detained and chained in a broken life

Detained and chained in a broken life. The irony has hardened and now I am darkness. My heart now weary and bitter in tune. The decadent life shaken into a pit of misery once more. For better I cherish a degrading meaning. It tears me in two, but gives me strength and pleasure. The clouds … Continue reading Detained and chained in a broken life

work in progress

Damning the Angels, she closes her eyes Lamenting the Devils, she loses her life ©