I’ve broken into exile

I’ve broken into exile Begging forgiveness from myself For things I’ve never done … for things I know I will do There is no escape from this place I am owed this eternity of torment © 2010


If love be the anchor into Hell

If love be the anchor into Hell I choose to die with you © 2010

Flooding the emptiness with tears and dread

Flooding the emptiness with tears and dread. Fading hearts scream until they are bled. To death. They cast their shadows for misery’s end While rivers of darkness ascend. © 2010

To reclaim his heart

To reclaim his heart: a deafening silence, a growing despondence and ribbons of scarlet satin draining from me. In him, I am nothing. My sacrifice in vain. His heart longs no longer for me. © 2012

The Succubus

Within her soul Indeed I saw the beast. I saw her heart, her flesh, her desire. She wanted him, my Beloved. It was not love, but lust. And torture upon me. He would not atone for he knew nothing of this affair. © 2013