Grey cinders burning – original

Taken from my university assessment portfolio.
Compare to the latest version, Grey cinders burning

Grey cinders burning
in the flesh, a swift death
upon a bird’s red-feathered chest,
through an emerald midnight
and orchid freeze

Drifting apart, the black velvet smog.
The storm, a thistle
cutting into the lonely.

A ferry crosses through the crystal haze
and the hoar frost drags
the garden into languid crystalline.

A finger tracing through the milky snow
upon the wildflowers, a sugar coating.
Deep sighs of love, a life has begun.
Heat transcending through the woods,
to put an end to winter.
White-covered insects awakening
from winter’s curse.

Engulfed in radiant rapture,
pewter flakes fall.
The moonlit sorrow of thick desires
carries into eternity the
posies of alice-blue.

© 2012

Notes: This version does differ greatly from the latest, Grey cinders burning. The original was an experiment after completing exercises in helping to beat writer’s block. I created a list of words then went through and picked out every ‘x’ number and formed them into a line or sentence. I have added a small slideshow below illustrating my thought process for the assessment. If you need help in beating writer’s block, I highly recommend this site Language is a Virus.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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