Taken from my university assessment portfolio.

Want to read more about the Strigoaicǎ?
Read the short story, The Strigoaicǎ – Published in the 2014 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology.
Read the short story, Tale of the Strigoaicǎ 

Part I
Her smile radiated the wood
and touched me deep within
but I sensed a coldness in her.

She had been scorned
and had become bitter
for it.

Part II

I bled, for his love was within my veins,
haunting me.
The weariness, the sickness
overcame and swallowed me
into darkness.

My eyes, fluttering desperately as my body
tried to resist the call
of unconsciousness.
My fingers curling,
the effort unwitnessed.
Clenching into fists,
and scoring into my face.
They dragged into my skin,
trying to stop the fainting spell.

© 2012

Notes on the poemThe strigoaicǎ (strih-gwah-ih-kah) has her roots in Romanian mythology. Her origins defy the modern vampire, in culture and creation.

Strigoaicǎ is a reflection of a Romanian inspiration in my novel, A Travesty, and it’s one that I like to further explore in poetry and short stories. Writing about my strigoaicǎ helps me understand her character better. There is an emotional and psychological connection between her and the heroine, so I have included two parts in the poem. Part one is from the perspective of the heroine; how she sees the strigoaicǎ, and part two is from the perspective of the strigoaicǎ; one that presents a painful memory of hers.


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