The Program, by Suzanne Young

The Program by Suzanne Young

This review contains spoilers. I recently finished reading The Program by Suzanne Young, and thought I'd share a review. Young has created a beautiful, yet haunting dystopian world where suicide is so prevalent among teenagers that it has become an international epidemic, seeing one in three killed. The Program was designed to cure anyone deemed at-risk, the … Continue reading The Program, by Suzanne Young


Salt in the earth

Taken from my university assessment portfolio. Salt in the earth, now love can never grow From a diseased heart in our mother, the eyes cast over forever. Draining, dragging, the love is failing. A falling ecstasy of nothing. Putrid, decaying, the flesh nauseating. Lying to rest, to sleep never more! © 2012

Grey cinders burning – original

Taken from my university assessment portfolio. Compare to the latest version, Grey cinders burning Grey cinders burning in the flesh, a swift death upon a bird’s red-feathered chest, through an emerald midnight and orchid freeze Drifting apart, the black velvet smog. The storm, a thistle cutting into the lonely. A ferry crosses through the crystal haze … Continue reading Grey cinders burning – original


Taken from my university assessment portfolio. Want to read more about the Strigoaicǎ? Read the short story, The Strigoaicǎ - Published in the 2014 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology. Read the short story, Tale of the Strigoaicǎ  Part I Her smile radiated the wood and touched me deep within but I sensed a coldness in her. She … Continue reading Strigoaicǎ


Taken from my university assessment portfolio. For this particular task, the theme was: emotion. Fingers crawling, dragging into my skin Leaving trails of my rage becoming. Mind is clouded, body shaking I can feel myself changing. There is no release, the anger resides The descent, the torment remains inside. © 2012