Taken from my university assessment portfolio

Goodbye, womanhood!
Shall we love?

The seed is gone.
Raw, unripened
Decay of woman!

Into forever, nothing.

© 2012
Notes on the poem (from exegesis): ‘Womb’, although a short poem, is an interesting one for me. I was watching a film of the same name and I was inspired to look at both the complexities and simplicities of life and bearing life. I have never had a child and probably never will, but I am so curious by the vulnerability and strength of womanhood. A woman can be strong enough to bear a child, yet she and her body are so fragile that the tiniest problem can rid a woman the ability to conceive. I question in the poem, “shall we love?” I am questioning whether a woman, who is now infertile, would find any meaning or joy in love-making anymore now that she cannot bear a child. Is she meaningless too now? I suppose the sci-fi elements of the film made me consider The Handmaid’s Tale and procreation.

The assessment asked students to write either a poem in another language, or write a poem incorporating another language, hence the use of the Danish word ‘farvel’ meaning ‘goodbye’. I thought it added a touch of beauty to the poem, and added to the repetition in a unique way.


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