Her Death is His to Come

Blue Fringe Arts 2011

Published in the 2011 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology.

Blue Fringe Arts 2011 Short Story and Poetry AnthologyHer Death is His to Come

To catch the fear
The lonesomeness
The idle hearts
Are broken in sorrow
Deepened wounds
With tearful
And torrents
The love is spoiled

Now soaking in
His grief
The end of it
Has come
Despondent memory
His life is
Worthless without
Her love

Bleeding hearts
Cupid’s arrow
Is tainted
More hearts
Forever crying out
In sombre, DEATH!

Eviscerated hearts
They are hers
In her sepulchre
Where love is spoiled

Her death is his to come!

© 2009

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