Grey cinders burning

Blue Fringe Arts 2012

Published in the 2012 Blue Fringe Arts Short Story and Poetry Anthology.

Compare to the original version, Grey cinders burning – original and see my creative process for the poem.

Blue Fringe Arts 2012 Short Story and Poetry Anthology

Grey cinders burning

Grey cinders burning
In the flesh, a swift death
Upon a bird’s red-feathered chest,
Through an emerald midnight
And orchid freeze

Melted leaves are torn
And buried, as is the love
In her heart

Misery is beside her
Among a trail of tears
Drifting apart, the black velvet death;
The storm, a thistle
Cutting into the lonely

Her raucous cry deafened the woods
Images pressed her mind:
A thorny cage straining against her breast
The blood pouring like ribbons
Of beautiful red satin

The suffering is evident in
The weeping of her veins
The bluebells are coated in her bloodshed
Damned and denied, her heart did die

© 2012

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