A travesty

A travesty
Preys on my door
Unseen, it evokes
The purest of evils

Curiosity persuades my fear
The door is opened

Gusts of wind assault
My frail skin
Blood-scorched screams
Penetrate me

There is no longer any
Beauty here in this

A flaming bottle
A flare of light paints
The sky then retires in
Some unfortunate’s home

Depressing misery afoot
Daunting times
Forlorn Death She
Approaches me
From the decadent
Wasteland of life
She is broken in sorrow

“Doubt your love for this
World, your beauty and mind
And God shall strike you

“She is unforgiving
If you should lose hope,
But I shall accept you
Eternally always”

© 2008


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